50 Questions to Ask the Text

  1. Who is speaking?
  2. To whom is this verse written? (e.g. believers, pastors, Jews, etc.)
  3. Is this verse a question, answer, argument, or proposition?
  4. Is this verse part of a narrative, a poem, an epistle, a parable, or a prophecy?
  5. What ideas are being discussed in the verses just before this verse?
  6. What ideas are being discussed in the verses just after this verse?
  7. Does this verse start with a conjunction? How is it linked to the previous verses?
  8. What is happening in this book when this verse was written?
  9. What was happening in the Bible when this verse was written?
  10. How does this verse point toward the cross of Christ?
  11. How many people are mentioned in the verse?
  12. What are they doing?
  13. How many clauses are there?
  14. What are the subject and verb of each clause?
  15. What is the tense of the verbs?
  16. Are the verbs active or passive?
  17. Are there other verses that use the same or a similar verb?
  18. Are there any negatives? Are they universal or particular negatives?
  19. Are there any commands?
  20. Are there any good examples or bad examples?
  21. Who is doing the action?
  22. What are the adjectives and adverbs? What is being modified and how?
  23. Are there any pronouns? What are the antecedents?
  24. Are there any prepositional phrases? (e.g. of the man; in Christ; by grace)
  25. Are there any pictures or metaphors in the verse?
  26. Is this a common verse? Why or why not?
  27. What doctrines does this verse teach?
  28. Does this verse have any repeated words?
  29. What are the main words? Why did the author choose them rather than other words?
  30. Are there any difficult or disputed theological terms or concepts?
  31. Does this verse list results, consequences, reasons, attributes, or activities?
  32. Are there any contrasts or comparisons?
  33. Is this verse used anywhere else in the Bible?
  34. Is this verse quoting any other part of the Bible?
  35. Are there other verses that talk about this same thing or similar ideas?
  36. What did the original audience think when they heard this verse?
  37. Why did God put this verse in the Bible?
  38. What does this verse teach about man?
  39. What does this verse teach about God?
  40. What does this verse teach about salvation?
  41. What does this verse say about Jesus Christ?
  42. Are there good or bad examples that should remind us of Christ’s life and work?
  43. How does this verse divide into natural parts?
  44. How can this verse be summarized in one sentence?
  45. How can I use this verse to help myself or other people spiritually?
  46. What does this verse say to unbelievers?
  47. What does this verse say to believers?
  48. What does God want me to believe when I read this verse?
  49. What does God want me to do when I read this verse?
  50. What does God want me to feel when I read this verse?

Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online Having practiced with these questions for some time, they have proved to be a helpful guide especially for those who do not know the original languages, do not have large libraries, and find time for ministry only after hours.

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