21 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a TV

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  1. Do I need this TV to increase my joy in Heaven?
  2. In what way will this TV increase my personal holiness?
  3. How can this TV glorify God according to 1 Cor. 10:31 “…do all to the glory of God.”?
  4. If I didn’t have this TV would it any way inhibit my growth into the image of Christ?
  5. Will this TV encourage any of the Fruits of the Spirit or the Beatitudes in my life?
  6. Will owning this TV in any way encourage a revival?
  7. Does the TV in general commonly create cultural moods and temptations that are antithetical to revival?

http://gardenwife.com/gearing-up-for-some-downtime/feed/ Children and Society

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  1. Will this TV have any positive effect on raising my children in the instruction and discipline of the Lord?
  2. Does TV tend to create a youth culture that would be harmful to the maturity and spiritual discipline of my children?
  3. Do children tend to consume TV without self-control?
  4. If every house in the country got rid of their TV’s would the positive effects be greater than the negative?

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  1. Will this TV probably tempt me to lay idle longer than I should?
  2. Will this TV probably tempt me to see provocative displays of others’ bodies?
  3. Will this TV probably tempt me to enjoy murder, violence, and bloodshed?
  4. Will this TV probably tempt me to overlook the profaning of the Lord, His ways, and His name for the sake of my personal entertainment?
  5. Will this TV probably tempt me to covet what God has not given me?

http://eastside-records.com/robots.txt http://glassboromethodist.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://glassboromethodist.org/slider/events/ Intellectual Effects

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  1. Will this TV tend to strengthen my mind?
  2. Do TV shows tend to make my mind sharper, more able to follow extended arguments?
  3. Will this TV encourage me to read good books?
  4. Will this TV perform any service for me except entertainment?
  5. Is there any motive active in my heart to purchase this TV other than my personal desire for entertainment?
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2 Responses to 21 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a TV

  1. Keith Call says:

    http://mokumokubk.com/robots.txt What if we apply these questions to enjoying an ice cream cone? Will this ice cream increase my joy of heaven? Do children tend to consume ice cream without self-control? Will eating this ice cream in any way encourage a revival? Will this ice cream perform any service for me except entertainment?


    What’s the difference between TV and ice cream?


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