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A Different Spirit: African Churches That Don’t Like the Gospel

http://gardenwife.com/tags/formed/wp-content/plugins/wp-fancyzoom/js-global/FancyZoomHTML.js Not five meters from where I was sitting on the front row, I heard an African pastor shout, “Command it [money] into your bank account!” The scene is fresh in my mind since I just returned this evening. Here are … Continue reading http://plioplys.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://plioplys.com/2018/01/cosmic-consciousness-at-an-international-hittite-conference/

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Prosperity “Churches” Are Indistinguishable from Witchcraft

Generic Ambien 74 Be sure to read the text on the pictures.   And then…     Is there any difference between the prosperity gospel and witchcraft? When you pray for missionaries and churchplanters in the rural areas of Africa, these are the … Continue reading

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They Would Rather Sleep

For an entire year a young man I’ll call Brian came to hear the Bible preaching in the “Blue Prison” section of Kuthama Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison where he is serving a life sentence for murder. Every Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Prosperity Theology Affirmation and Denials

http://glassboromethodist.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://glassboromethodist.org/fellowship/small-groups/ 1.     On the definition of Christianity We affirm that the Biblical gospel may be summarized as the message that Christ died to save us from the wrath of God. We deny that the Biblical gospel may be summarized as the … Continue reading

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American African Revival

The worst of American revivalism and the worst of African showmanship all for the shockingly low price of R50.Notice the art: Heavy make up for an African Tammy Baker, flashy dresses, Tsonga dancing, the dynamic “man of God,” and the … Continue reading

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Selling Salvation and the Blood of Jesus

Buy Phentermine Philippines A few weeks back, I attended a pastors’ conference in South Africa where one of the speakers described Africa’s Christianity with the words “vital” and “explosion.” May I present just one of many examples of Africa’s vital explosion? T. B. … Continue reading

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The Average Church in Southern Africa

Even though the speaker is using Venda, you can figure out the gist of the message pretty easily. This happened at a village in our district. On the ground at everyone’s feet are South African Rands. The pastrix (Thanks Ken … Continue reading

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A “Gospel” that Almost Killed Me | 9Marks

Buy Cheap Valium Online Here’s a testimony from Sean DeMars about the prosperity gospel. Like spiritual dessert. Journal : A “Gospel” that Almost Killed Me | 9Marks.

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How John Piper Should Have Responded to John MacArthur

Buy Diazepam Nz First of all, I would like to publicly take my stand obeying texts like Romans 16:17 to mark and avoid those who change the gospel. That is an entire category of texts, not just an isolated example. Paul says similar … Continue reading

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The Complete Package: Prosperity Theology Doesn’t Come by Itself

Buy Genuine Valium Online Uk Jesus came to save us from poverty not the wrath of God. That is probably the most succinct definition I can muster for the money message so common in the churches of the developing world. But this one doctrine–like any … Continue reading

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