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The 95 Theses Against the Prosperity Gospel

Buy Xanax Pakistan To be nailed to the doors of any church with a name like “Glory Barn” or “Fire Tabernacle” or “Holy Ghost International Centre.” Prosperity Gospel The prosperity gospel urges men to love money, comfort, or things of this earth whereas … Continue reading

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Evangelism and missions Have you ever known a charismatic who moved to a poorer culture with a different language for the sake of planting churches? How could you answer an experienced missionary’s contention that the practices of tongues and miracles … Continue reading

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They Would Rather Sleep

Diazepam Kopen Zoetermeer For an entire year a young man I’ll call Brian came to hear the Bible preaching in the “Blue Prison” section of Kuthama Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison where he is serving a life sentence for murder. Every Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Africa is Reached With This “Gospel”

As I returned from preaching in the village, a man struck up a conversation with me as he was selling watermelons from his bakkie on the side of the road. Here is the conversation as I recorded just moments after … Continue reading

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Selling Salvation and the Blood of Jesus

Buy Phentermine In Egypt A few weeks back, I attended a pastors’ conference in South Africa where one of the speakers described Africa’s Christianity with the words “vital” and “explosion.” May I present just one of many examples of Africa’s vital explosion? T. B. … Continue reading

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We Are All Cessationists

Order Zolpidem Online In light of the Strange Fire Conference from last week, and the apparently negative press that John MacArthur is receiving, this may be a good time to demonstrate that Reformed Charismatics are cessationists too. Of the gifts listed in Scripture, … Continue reading

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