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The Pastor Who Preached in Boxer Shorts

http://eastside-records.com/.well-known/apple-app-site-association A parable for all those missional types Once upon a time there was a pastor of a church somewhere just above smallish. Living and preaching outside the city of Coolumbus for over a decade had given him plenty of time … Continue reading

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WORLD | The media and President Obama’s view through a Gosnell lens | Ken Blackwell | April 16, 2013

Cheap Xanax From Canada WORLD | The media and President Obama’s view through a Gosnell lens | Ken Blackwell | April 16, 2013. Mariners have been familiar with the Fresnel lens for nearly two centuries. It refracts light from a lighthouse to magnify the … Continue reading

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The Complete Package: Prosperity Theology Doesn’t Come by Itself

http://plioplys.com/feed/ Jesus came to save us from poverty not the wrath of God. That is probably the most succinct definition I can muster for the money message so common in the churches of the developing world. But this one doctrine–like any … Continue reading

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Vintage Miracle Crusade

Buy Ambien Online With Overnight Delivery At 8:00 pm darkness quietly steals across the soccer field. But darkness isn’t the only thing stealing. A shouting woman from the raised platform blasts her voice via 10 four-foot-high speakers in English and Tsonga to a waiting crowd of … Continue reading

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“The Language of Faith”

Buy Xanax Netherlands Recently, after my wife commented that our little church really didn’t have money yet to build our church building she was puzzled when the man responded to her that the church actually did have the money. He argued very simply … Continue reading

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Sin is Inconsistency

http://aradfreetours.com/24143818/ For both believers and non-believers, though in different ways toward each group, sin is a kind of inconsistency. The believer claims to love Jesus Christ, yet at the moment of sin, his heart is set in opposition to Christ. If … Continue reading

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A Sampling of Common South African Christianity

http://mokumokubk.com/about/ In Louis Trichardt on Wednesday 22 August 2012, my bakkie needed some help. I struck up a conversation with a man from Thohoyandou who was also waiting at the workshop. The man had a job and a nice car. Not … Continue reading

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Observations from a Recent Prosperity Gospel Crusade in Our Village

http://glassboromethodist.org/about-us/gallery/attachment/vbs202164/ Before the Preaching Before the preaching: An elder in his church had told me the day before (Wed.) that they were most aligned with Benny Hinn and Kenneth Hagin. Before the preaching I asked a lay elder what were the … Continue reading

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