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The Temptation of Eve Is Really About Legalism?

Recently Crossway’s blog published some of Sinclair Ferguson’s reflections on legalism. A friend of mine passed on the link and here is some of the correspondence that followed. Good morning, Brother, Thank you for passing this link on to me. … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

Very Cheap Xanax These signs are directly across the street from each other. At the church faith is optional, and the other demonstrates the real pride government employees take in their work. Though the strains of the virus are different, I diagnose both … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t Homosexuality More Popular in Africa?

Where Can I Buy Phentermine 15 Mg The majority of Africans live in the rural areas—about 60% or 700 millions. And in the rural areas, homosexuality is not common. I have never seen it though I lived in an African village for 9 years and still work … Continue reading

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The Connected Web of Liberalism

Diazepam Kopen Zoetermeer Since every truth is connected we should expect that receiving the truth at one point leads toward other truths. Truth is a united, flowing river, but so too is error. All truth holds together in a great system, yet the … Continue reading

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Women Could Never Have Colonized the World Maybe the world should not have been colonized. But regardless of the morality of England, Portugal, France, and some others trying to spread their culture and govern lands outside their own, that could never have been done by women. What … Continue reading
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Betrayed by a “Legalist” When I googled “every square inch” I came up with about 17 million hits. Many of them were Christian websites launching off of Abraham Kuyper’s famous quote about conquering every square inch for Christ. That well-phrased line of his reflects … Continue reading

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A 13 Word Review of Disney’s Frozen

Buy Xanax Hoodie Only a post modern could make a movie as bad as Disney’s Frozen, and only a post modern could enjoy it. In 12 points I’ll try to prove the first assertion, and in the final point the latter. Quickly, a … Continue reading
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The Pastor Who Preached in Boxer Shorts A parable for all those missional types Once upon a time there was a pastor of a church somewhere just above smallish. Living and preaching outside the city of Coolumbus for over a decade had given him plenty of time … Continue reading

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Who Are the Enemies?

Yet as an evangelical academic myself, I find it interesting to note the way in which, with some writers, the perceived faults of more conservative authors are denounced with bombastic rhetoric, while the blasphemies and heresies of those on the … Continue reading

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The Foundation of Christian Logic

Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride 30 Mg The way in which we reason, how we evaluate claims to the truth, the standards we adopt for knowing, etc.–is itself an ethical matter. … A person cannot have it both ways regarding his final standard or ultimate reference point. … Continue reading
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