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Sale: 80 Years of Salvation on Clearance!

Here is a picture I took recently at a Muslim shop. If you can’t see the text: “(Recite 80 times) In the name of Allah (S. W. T.), the Beneficient, the Merciful 80 Years of Sins Forgiven Rasulullah (S. A. … Continue reading
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Signs of the Times These signs are directly across the street from each other. At the church faith is optional, and the other demonstrates the real pride government employees take in their work. Though the strains of the virus are different, I diagnose both … Continue reading
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American African Revival

Buy Soma 350 The worst of American revivalism and the worst of African showmanship all for the shockingly low price of R50.Notice the art: Heavy make up for an African Tammy Baker, flashy dresses, Tsonga dancing, the dynamic “man of God,” and the … Continue reading

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A 13 Word Review of Disney’s Get Lorazepam Online Frozen

Order Yellow Xanax Only a post modern could make a movie as bad as Disney’s Frozen, and only a post modern could enjoy it. In 12 points I’ll try to prove the first assertion, and in the final point the latter. Quickly, a … Continue reading

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A Famine of Fathers I asked 6 young men in our church a few questions while we were digging last Saturday: 1. “Did you live with or have a consistent relationship with your father growing up?” All 6 said no. 2. “Did your father … Continue reading

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9 Good Bad Examples From Evangelical Academia

Order Yellow Xanax While I acknowledge that Christians must love God with their minds, I am often disturbed by the intellectual statements and positions of men in the most influential places within the evangelical academy. On top of this, many ministers seem to … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Rather than Creation

Though it’s too difficult to believe in a supreme Being who created the world, and though it is laughable to think that there is a written account that is inerrant, and though Jesus Christ’s claims can be scoffed away, here … Continue reading

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