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21 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a TV Spiritual blessings Do I need this TV to increase my joy in Heaven? In what way will this TV increase my personal holiness? How can this TV glorify God according to 1 Cor. 10:31 “…do all to the glory of … Continue reading Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Online

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Toward Correcting Boring Sermons

Buy Lorazepam From Uk Some true sermons are boring, and this should not be tolerated by the preacher because he stands in the most vital office on earth. To bore someone with that which is most beautiful? To tire someone’s mind with the message … Continue reading

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Evangelism and missions Have you ever known a charismatic who moved to a poorer culture with a different language for the sake of planting churches? How could you answer an experienced missionary’s contention that the practices of tongues and miracles … Continue reading

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Is Rap Music Sinful?

Buy Soma In Usa Some time back, one godly man asked another if rap music was sinful. The question of course pointed to a deeper debate about culture, meaning, and beauty. Had I been asked, here is my answer. Rap music is sinful like… … Continue reading
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The Fourfold Wrath of God

Even in our hymns we praise the glory of God’s anger. Till on the cross as Jesus died,   The wrath of God was satisfied.  The love of God is wonderfully complex, but it is not alone. In at least … Continue reading
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The Temptation of Eve Is Really About Legalism?

Generic Ambien 74 Recently Crossway’s blog published some of Sinclair Ferguson’s reflections on legalism. A friend of mine passed on the link and here is some of the correspondence that followed. Good morning, Brother, Thank you for passing this link on to me. … Continue reading
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Master the Arts for the Sake of the Church

Buy Adipex With Paypal At very least, Christians have to know music, poetry, rhetoric, and architecture. Music because we’re told to sing; poetry because we’re told to sing hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs; rhetoric because somebody’s got to preach; and architecture because we’ve got … Continue reading

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Brief Introductions to Orthopathy Three contemporary authors have helped me get a grip on right feeling and its applications in the church. 1. One of the 6 authors of A Conservative Christian Declaration is David de Bruyn who also wrote a 130-page book called … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t Homosexuality More Popular in Africa? The majority of Africans live in the rural areas—about 60% or 700 millions. And in the rural areas, homosexuality is not common. I have never seen it though I lived in an African village for 9 years and still work … Continue reading
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Has Beauty Lost Her Voice? A high-domed auditorium with classic wood trim speaks to everyone who enters it even if they don’t realize they have joined the conversation. A 30-piece orchestra sends a message too. In the words of R. C. Sproul, “Every form is … Continue reading
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