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There is No Fear of God Before Their Eyes

Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride False religions are known by the fear they create. ATR creates a dreadful fear—a habitual nervous condition; an inability to look at the facts because of constant uncertainty; a worldview of hopeless, helpless resignation to “fate” as controlled by a … Continue reading

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Myanmar, known in the past as Burma, has about as many people as South Africa (around 55 million), though the country is half the size. The majority, 80-90%, of the people are Buddhist. Only about 8% have any Christian conviction. … Continue reading
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The Book I Wish I Could Have Written When writing The Conservative Church, De Bruyn sang as he slew, especially in the last 100 pages. He argues: A church must have a care to preserve true doctrine and a holy lifestyle, but especially, in these days, ordinate affection. … Continue reading

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Should Pastors Read Widely?

Reading widely provides a sure-footed stance when a preacher gives facts in teaching and preaching; it produces interesting illustrations; it guides him away from time-wasting topics when evangelizing the particular group to which God has called him; it produces applications … Continue reading

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Repentance at the Cross

Oh, how I hate those lusts of mine That crucified my God! Those sins that pierced and nail’d his flesh Fast to the fatal wood! Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die, My heart has so decreed; Nor will I spare … Continue reading
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Is Rap Music Sinful? Some time back, one godly man asked another if rap music was sinful. The question of course pointed to a deeper debate about culture, meaning, and beauty. Had I been asked, here is my answer. Rap music is sinful like… … Continue reading

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The Fourfold Wrath of God

Order Yellow Xanax Even in our hymns we praise the glory of God’s anger. Till on the cross as Jesus died,   The wrath of God was satisfied.  The love of God is wonderfully complex, but it is not alone. In at least … Continue reading

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Master the Arts for the Sake of the Church At very least, Christians have to know music, poetry, rhetoric, and architecture. Music because we’re told to sing; poetry because we’re told to sing hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs; rhetoric because somebody’s got to preach; and architecture because we’ve got … Continue reading

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Brief Introductions to Orthopathy

Cheap Generic Valium Three contemporary authors have helped me get a grip on right feeling and its applications in the church. 1. One of the 6 authors of A Conservative Christian Declaration is David de Bruyn who also wrote a 130-page book called … Continue reading

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Has Beauty Lost Her Voice?

A high-domed auditorium with classic wood trim speaks to everyone who enters it even if they don’t realize they have joined the conversation. A 30-piece orchestra sends a message too. In the words of R. C. Sproul, “Every form is … Continue reading
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